Deliverance Coaching Is Not Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance Coaching is the partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to overturn a false conversion, detox from religion, and prepare themselves for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Preparation of the the elect for His return is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The coach is the subject matter expert at recognizing deception and replacing deception with truth about end-times. The institutional church, Satanic deception, the wiles and tricks of Satan. The coach is is also an expert at recognizing false doctrine and practices.

Regarding the demonized, our coaches are not required to be anointed to cast out demons or to function as an analyst or professional counselor. Instead, our team coaches people on becoming free from evil spirits by teaching them the truth; by advising them on what they need to stop doing/believing in order to get relief from torment; and by helping them discover what ground they need to give up. The team also coaches them on overturning a false conversion and on how to become free from religion. We coach them to work on personality flaws, unhelpful thought patterns, and habits in order to obtain more freedom in their lives. When necessary, Pastor Pam will cast out demons. We find that those who are fully set free are those who receive truth and apply it.

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