Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Psychosis?


I am examining this subject for one reason: I am being contacted by people who are embarked on an unchartered journey to activate the release of kundalini energy by practicing yoga and transcendental meditation—people who ended up on “a bad trip” which ultimately led to a mental health crisis involving hospitalization and medication.

I do not work with those who were already mentally ill BEFORE they took hallucinatory drugs where outcomes confirmed that it was their genetically precipitated mental illness that is the root cause of their condition

Those with mental illness predispositions in their DNA do not respond well to cognitive reasoning as they rarely have the capacity to dis-connect from the reality of their delusions. What I have found is that those in a kundalini crisis can appear to be a classic schizophrenic when the truth of the matter is that their mental disorder was precipitated or enduced by what is occurred in the physical realm that negatively impacted their mental reality.

The following profile issues taken from a web article written by Tara Spriget highlights some differences between a classic psychotic and a person mentally effected by a kundalini crisis:

A person with a kundalini crisis can usually pinpoint the exact time and trigger of the beginning of their crisis. In most cases the trigger was intensive spiritual practice. By contrast, ordinary psychosis usually develops slowly and gradually and the patient cannot remember a healthy sense of self.

A person in a kundalini crisis can remember what it is like to feel ‘normal’ and wishes to go back to this state, while a psychotic patient has lost touch with their healthy state of mind.

People in a kundalini crisis can talk about what is going on their mind and usually they also want to talk about this. People with ordinary psychosis rarely want to talk about the content of their psychotic mind.

I am one who believes in root causes. In that regard, the question is what is the purpose of the kundalini from an eastern perspective and how the eastern way of life and belief system differs from those in the West, who end up in a mental health crisis after practicing yoga, chanting, deep breathing and transcendental meditation in order to enter a kundalini awakening.

In order to simplify a rather complicated belief system and practice, the concept of enlightenment from an Eastern perspective is not only different but in direct opposition to the spiritual walk of a true Christian. I find that professing Christians who are not mentally ill yet who end up with a psychosis are those who do not have a clue that they are mixing beliefs and practices like mere apples and oranges to their own spiritual, mental and physical detriment. It’s like a surgeon using a hack saw. The two don’t mix well. (Peplinski, 2014)

The purpose of releasing the kundalini for those in the East is NOT better health, self-actualization, happiness, power, blessings or anything else we westerners desire to obtain. The underlying and original purpose of kundalini awakening is the achievement of ‘moksha,’ or enlightenment. Enlightenment is not the Christian perspective of seeking truth and gaining wisdom. Rather the Hindu and Taoist religions define enlightenment as a fusion of the individual with universal consciousness. When this fusion or merging has been achieved, seekers have lost their an individual sense of self, and instead identifies with everything in existence. So the goal is to lose one’s ego in order to go through life as a part of a greater field of consciousness. This phenomenon is the ‘loss of ego’ that spiritual disciplines often describe.

In Christianity, the ego of Freud and psychoanalysis is the soul. The soul consists of the mind including thought, the emotions including feelings, the personality which is individuality, and the free will to choose. So to lose your ego is to lose your soul. Simply put, at the root of a kundalini awakening is the loss of the essence of who you are as a person. Straight up, the real goal of the the kundalini activation is THE LOSS OF YOUR SOUL!!!!

Was it your intention to practice yoga so that you could lose your soul? I can answer that. No, it was not. We are human. The Christian way to deal with our baser instincts is to be led by the help of God in the Person of the Holy Spirit, where we are to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. We don’t lose our humanity to become, say, a bird. This is what happens to folk who are on the spectrum of a kundalini psychosis. A part of you knows that you are not a bird.Yet you are having a hard time holding on to your humanity without trying to be like a bird. Now, if you find yourself on a high place and you have an inner urge to “fly away like a bird,”. You will be in for a rude awakening, which was not your original kundalini purpose.

Here is just one example of the struggle of in the life a sane, yet nominal Christian who practiced yoga for reasons that are in direct opposition to the original purpose of kundalini activation. She states:

My crown chakra and my third eye were opened. The spirit of Kundalini manifested (I thought it was the Holy Spirit) and I was deceived. Once this happened, I started to see things when I closed my eyes, such as spirits/demons. I knew if something was in the room. Portals have been opened and the torment had increased. I prayed and worshiped to fight these entities spiritually but it only worked temporarily. I felt these demons or demonic tares being deposited into my mind and body. There is a ringing in my ear and feels like there is a metal in my brain and a heat/air is coming out of my hands and feet. Other manifestations include:

  • The apartment is shaking, as if something is falling into it from the sky. I can feel it.

  • My mind and thoughts, everything feels like it is being controlled by hooks in my brain

  • I hear drums and toilets flushing in my brain

  • I can see things going on in my body like X-rays.

In deliverance counseling/coaching, the goal is to reverse and renounce the underlying purpose of a thing. In this case, the underlying purpose of kundalini activation is to lose one’s humanity in order to to become one with all things animate and inanimate. So our recovery process with kundalini psychosis is to restore the soul which is the foundational goal of the Christian experience.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.  Romans 12:1-2

The world herein is the East, particularly its body and form of religiosity including the purposes, principles and practices undergirding kundalini activation. When you present your body or your humanity as a living sacrifice, the intent is not annihilation by fusion with the cosmos but by keeping your human essence which is individuality under the divine authority of Jesus Christ. The goal and purpose of our mission is divine, in that in renewing the mind, we restore the soul.

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