An Alternative to Power Evangelism

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

“Power Evangelism” is the title of a book by a Christian Charismatic leader named John Wimber. The term is also applied to the movement and the process described in his book.

Power Evangelism is a form of ministry which relies primarily on what is believed to be the supernatural power and gifts of the Holy Ghost. Although the word of God teaches that a person is brought to faith solely through the active choice of God in the person of the Holy Spirit, in power evangelism, supernatural events such as healings and miracles are a demonstration of the power, and therefore the reality, of God.

Wimber took an approach to the charismatic which was somewhat different from that of peers and predecessors. This new approach led his friend, the late Peter Wagner to coin the phrase “the Third Wave.” The Third Wave differed from classic Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement, mainly in their approach to speaking in tongues.Whereas the previous groups had emphasized the gift of tongues as the only evidence for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, Wimber and those he influenced emphasized that tongues was merely one of the many spiritual gifts taught in the Bible.

With Wember, of the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost, healing and miracles was at the forefront of power evangelism. As for Wimber, he died of a brain hemorrhage on November 17, 1997 at the age of 63. Just before he died, he had also sustained a coronary by-pass operation. I find it a rather perplexingly telling message to all of us that someone as heavy into healing and miracles as was Wember, died as the result of serious illnesses.

When I myself was a strong believer in healing and miracles, I had never heard of Wimber. In fact, from 1974-1977, I was into all aspects of the supernatural when I was an atheist, psychic medium, steeped in the occult. Shortly after I became born again on March 29, 1997, evil spirits carefully and skillfully imitating God, spoke to me directly about miracles and healing in dreams, visions, prophetic words and various counterfeit revelations and manifestations about my own healing and miracles ministry. It took 25 years, but the Lord lifted the veil of deception from me about about 10 years ago. What keeps me humble, sober and vigilant is the biblical warning to the end-time elect, —–that in the last days, the enemy’s manifestations of healing and miracles are going to appear to be so authentic, that they may fool us. It has already happened!!!!

Well, I’ve been at this too long to allow myself to be fooled AGAIN!.Do I believe that God will also manifest healing and miracles in the last days? Yes, I do. I do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. I believe that the saints who are alive shall go through endtime tribulation.When the plagues fall and the judgment vials have been completely poured out, I believe that God will make a provision for His people. For when danger is all around us and there are no material provisions for those who refuse the mark of the beast, God will supernaturally provide for us.

The book of Revelation points out that how two martyrs called “the two witnesses” shall die in the streets for ALL to see. They shall be raised up from death to life, probably on satellite television. The variety and extent of God’s end-time miracles are beyond my finite imagination. Nevertheless, of one thing, I am sure. Pure evangelism targets the salvation of souls. Salvation today has not changed as we are saved by faith through grace, and not by signs and wonders, miracles and healings.

The Lord Jesus said that it is a perverse nation that seeks after signs. Just as we did not choose when we were born, we cannot choose when we are born again. If any one chooses Christ because he or she saw or experienced a miracle or a healing, then they have experienced a false conversion. Therefore evangelism in this hour must focus on those whom the god of this world has been blinded and blocked from repentance that leads to true salvation.

At the core of present-day evangelism today is the ability to cause false conversions to be overturned so as to make room for the true born again experience.

Are you ready?

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